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Please read the following disclaimer that may affect your shuttle bus, maxi taxi or coach booking or pricing.

BAY2DORE Shuttle service Conditions of Travel

Valid September 2012 to December 2017

BAY2DORE Disclaimer

BAY2DORE shuttle Services goes to great lengths to make sure that we arrive EVERY TIME and as close to the time as possible, if not earlier so that our customers are a 100% satisfied. However, there are unfortunately circumstances beyond our control that can cause our service to be delayed. Should we experience any such problems; we will notify the respective person or group as early as possible. Since we understand that time can be of the essence, our customers can contact the driver directly at BAY2DORE on 0417 637 447 in a bid to offer that piece of mind, in such times of accidents heard by way of radio media or social media or newspapers and / or Television news updates. Please be aware that If we become aware of such incidents we will advise our customers in the first instance.


Bookings Required 48 hours before departure time

BAY2DORE reserves the right to alter the route or itinerary of any of its tours or transfers and arrange alternative carriers if necessary. No refunds will be given in these circumstances or in the event of any delay, curtail mentor alteration of a trip resulting from any cause including severe weather conditions or mechanical failure. Components of trips/travel are weather dependant and BAY2DORE cannot be held liable if trip components are not available on the day of travel. BAY2DORE cannot guarantee pick up or drop off times and is not liable for passenger failure to connect with other services or any associated costs resulting from such delays. We accept no responsibility for loss or damage to personal belongings or baggage.

BAY2DORE is not responsible for costs incurred as a result of delays caused by airlines, shipping companies, or other operators not under the control of BAY2DORE. Please note that BAY2DORE also reserves the right to reschedule pick-ups and drop-offs due to delays by other operators not under the control of BAY2DORE.


Whilst we make every effort to safeguard our passengers, BAY2DORE cannot be held liable for any damage, injury, or loss of any kind caused by or resulting from any act or omission by its employees, agents or contractors. Passengers should note that shuttle bus travel involves a higher than normal risk and a signed release will be required from all participants before departure. BAY2DORE also assumes no responsibility for any act of negligence, act or omission whatsoever or by any other company whose services are used as part of packages provided, including but not limited to activity and accommodation providers.


In the event that the “booker” fails to cancel the booking or arrive at the designated pickup point or meeting point, BAY2DORE reserves the right to charge the full booking fee

BAY2DORE highly recommended that before you commence on your travel arrangements (whether overseas or locally) that you purchase Travel Insurance


BAY2DORE reserves the right to charge an administration fee per each booking or person as per determined by BAY2DORE.


If a passenger illegitimately uses a fire extinguisher, BAY2DORE reserves the right to charge a cleaning fee of up to $1,000.


The removal of the Emergency Exit Hammer will incur a fee of up to $75.00


BAY2DORE may at its discretion charge up to $45.00 per extra drop-off or pick-up destination, within a 10 kilometre radius, but reserves the right to refuse to set-down or pick-up at any locations other than stated on an itinerary.


BAY2DORE may at its discretion, charge up to $60 per every half hour for shuttle buses up to 15 seats and up to $120 for shuttle buses up to 24 seats for the boarding of its passengers from the time of vehicle arrival or time booked, whichever occurs last.


Australian Government regulations prohibit smoking and the drinking of alcohol inside all tourist vehicles in Australia (smoking and drinking should be limited to designated stops.

LOST PROPERTY Any property left in a vehicle will be kept for a maximum of 3-months. If the owner requests their property to be delivered, any expense will be Bourne by the owner of the item(s).


BAY2DORE reserves the right to charge 100% of the total booking fee for any cancelations made within a 24 hour period and up to 50% for any cancelations made with more than 24 hours notice.


BAY2DORE is not a common carrier and therefore can refuse to carry a person whose behaviour is detrimental to the enjoyment of the group or other travellers or passengers. By travelling with BAY2DORE, you agree to accept the authority of the driver and accept their decisions. Our staff are entitled to a safe working environment and our passengers to a great holiday. Any threats to safety, being physical or verbal, or inappropriate behaviour may result in removal from the trip. If a driver requires a passenger to leave the trip no refunds will be given and that passenger will be responsible for their own travel costs and arrangements from that point.


If BAY2DORE deems there to be an excess of litter left in vehicle after a booking, BAY2DORE reserves the right to charge the user up to a $75.00 fee for cleaning and the removal of rubbish.

SICKNESS (vomiting due to intoxication)

BAY2DORE reserves the right to charge a cleaning and sanitation fee of up to $200 for anyone who becomes ill inside a vehicle as a result of alcohol or food consumption.


Tours require a minimum number of passengers to operate. Minimum passenger numbers differ between tours and operators and are subject to change at any time. In circumstances where minimum numbers are not reached an alternative may be offered or a smaller vehicle used. If a tour is cancelled due to minimum passenger numbers not being reached, passengers will be offered an alternate tour option or be provided with a full refund.


BAY2DORE reserves the right to charge a fuel surcharge as a result of escalation in the price of crude oil without notice.


All pick up and drop off locations and times published are an estimate only and are subject to change at short notice. Passengers will be advised of correct details at the time of reconfirmation.


Children 7 years and under are not recommended to travel on any tour. Individual requests may be considered on a case by case basis by BAY2DORE.

  • Depending on age, children on transfers may be required to be seated in booster seats or other child safety accredited seating. At all times, BAY2DORE reserves the right to not accept children on transfers due to safety concerns.

For question regarding Terms and Conditions please contact the Customer Service Team on 1300 69 96 69 or Driver Direct on 0417 637 447


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